With our state-of-the art equipment and highly trained critical care staff in-house 24/7, we are able to provide transport to high risk patients receiving advanced interventions.

  • Regularly perform pediatric and neonatal transports

  • Regularly exceeds national transport time standards for transfers of STEMI patients from non-PCI hospitals to cardiac care centers

The only non-hospital based transportation team with the resources and training to utilize all three of the following advanced tools.

  • Intra-aortic Balloon Pump, in-house

  • High-flow nasal cannula, in-house

  • Transvenous pacer, in-house

Our Critical Care Paramedics and Registered Nurses possess an expert level of knowledge obtained through robust training. Our providers are well versed in pre-hospital and intensive care in order to utilize necessary skills, in an expanded scope-of-practice, to manage critical and high-risk patients.


We recognize that all facilities should undoubtedly demand a vendor that is collaborative, determined, and innovative. For that reason, we provide our partners with not only our exceptional medical transportation service, but also the tools and information necessary to maintaining seamless operations based on their individual needs and wants.

A facility-centered partnership; 

working with you and for you to reach shared goals

  • Provides training materials and conducts on-site education for facility staff in topics aimed at lowering costs and increasing throughput

    • Provided training sessions to multiple facilities that improved their processes and decrease their monthly bills.

  • Participates in facility drills and inter-operations training

  • Actively involved in facility-run work groups and committees

    • Attends monthly and quarterly meetings at multiple facilities that increase efficiency and reinforces operational tactics to reach facility goals

    • Provides data and other information to facility staff to improve efficiency; on-time performance, monthly throughput analysis, observations and trends data

  • Supports various transport referral systems to allow facilities to determine a system that they find to be most effective and efficient

  • Responsive and proactive management staff; available to assist in troubleshooting and/or providing additional assistance to facilities when needed

    • Management staff has co​nsistently proven their dedication to maintaining smooth operations

    • Snowstorm of 2016: Pulse was the only commercial transportation company that provided continuous critical transportation; Management staff stayed overnight, ran the Pulse plow truck for our ambulances, and got critical patients to their destinations within regular contractual on-time performance standards


Our unwavering dedication to the highest level of patient-care is the driving force behind all that we do. Our patients' care and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to our organization.

Patient-Centered Care; 

Ensuring patient comfort, physically and emotionally

  • Developing innovative methods for transporting patients and delivering care

    • We actively and diligently develop new and improved patient care standards and processes to consistently stay ahead of the curve

  • Our providers are required to attend continued education courses such as driving courses, equipment training, and skill refresher courses to ensure upkeep of the highest patient-care standards and processes

    • All critical care providers are certified in ACLS, PALS, NRP, and STABLE

    • ​All Pulse drivers are required to be CEVO certified; one of the many classes we provide in-house
  • We require all of our providers to attend orientation sessions and multiple ride-alongs before being cleared to working with our patients directly; We have dedicated countless hours to ensure our team is made up of the most competent and caring providers

  • The large majority of our EMS Providers have come from different EMS backgrounds which provides our team with a wide array of experience in patient care, from inter-facility to 9-1-1

  • We provide multiple patient feedback channels to the patients that we transport in order to establish means of communication for questions, comments, and concerns

    • We believe that feedback of any kind is good feedback because it allows us to safeguard and uphold our patient-care standards